Saturday, 12 December 2015

Day 533 - Getting even, revenge - why do we want it?

Revenge is something that many people want. Or, to get even with another. If something 'bad' happens to us via another, or another plainly does something 'bad' to us and/or that we disagree with, then we won't stop or we won't be satisfied until we've paid that person back..

And then it can go beyond that, whereas it just keeps cycling, Person A did something to Person B, Person B gets revenge, apparently now it's 'even' according to Person B, but no, Person A wants revenge from Person B's revenge..

I mean, and it can even be unrealised, if Person A goes out with Person B's ex partner, Person B does not like this situation, and so seeks 'revenge' on Person A, when Person A was not ahem 'breaking the rules' per se, Person A was just doing what Person A wanted to do. But if the thing is negative from the get go, as in..someone purposely wanting to 'anger' another or 'get under their skin' in one way or another, then obviously there is a problem there. We shouldn't be trying to anger one another and upset one another in any way, shape or form.

Not that the revenge/getting even is acceptable either, definitely not. But generally, both individuals, the one angering/upsetting another and the one who wants revenge, they both are in the wrong so to speak.

I've felt that before, that sort of 'satisfied' feeling of getting my revenge/getting even with another. It's like "Oh yes..that felt good."
Not realising at the time that okay, someone wanted to initiate somewhat of a war with me..yet I didn't think twice about NOT participating within the war, I just immediately entered the war because that was my only way of getting revenge/getting even. But if I had not entered the war, if I had not sought revenge/getting even...then I would have been an example to myself and the war initiator. And showed that I don't need to create further havoc..I don't need to get even/seek revenge....I don't need that 'satisfied' feeling, or that positive energetic buzz of happiness after getting revenge.

Obviously in that situation, one is trying to provoke me. But making the decision not to react/not participate within the provoked motive is a very powerful thing for all involved, again, that example of not being a participant in the whole game.
But like all things, this revenge/getting even game plays on the emotions/feelings of people, of people's minds. So I would say, if one does try to provoke you/initiate something with you, stop, breathe, to be an example of stability here, and be an example of not an example of not participating within the war..and to within this know that any energetic feeling of satisfaction/happiness after getting revenge is so very temporary, as all energies are. Because in reality, if one does seek revenge, the reality of the situation is that that person 'hurt' another somehow, and that's not on. the 'bigger' person and don't seek revenge, be an example that the provoker can learn by.

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