Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Day 534 - Future occurrence excitement

I've allowed a future event/occurrence to dictate me whereas I look forward to it so much, that I just want the days to go by until the day of the event/occurrence. Even to the point of 'wasting away' days. This is clearly not ideal. I've allowed this excitement feeling to preoccupy myself/my physical being to the point of ignoring myself here in every moment/with every day that comes my way.

I also had beliefs that this future event/occurrence and previous events/occurrences will change me somehow, for the best, in my belief. Again, that's just the illusion of excitement. It's not real whatsoever. In life, things can certainly assist our living. Things can make our lives more enjoyable. Gives us things to do, things to learn. But these things NEVER live up to the 'excitement' energy and belief that we give these things to - that's what I've found out.

No matter HOW excited I could be for something, when that something actually happens and/or I get to the day of that something happening, it's NEVER what I believed it to be, it never lives up to my expectations within and as excitement energy, also after that something ends, it always brings me 'back to Earth' - only then do I realise that this something that I had put so much excitement/expectation towards...it was fake, this excitement and these unrealistic expectations, I mean, to be fair..any expectations aren't safe to have, having no expectations is always the best way to go about it.

Because, when removing the excitement/expectations of something happening in the future that can benefit ourselves, then it just is. That future-happening thing is simply another thing...and another day in our lives. As I said, it can be enjoyable, it can be fun, it can assist, teach us, but it's merely for practical purposes/should be for practical purposes.

So my advice, as others say...is to take every day as it comes. Of course that is so important, every day here is a gift...a day in our lives, we're, well, many of us are fortunate to have these days, for others days could be deadly..any of these days could turn into a death day, but for us that have access to luxuries of life..it's best to make it count somehow. And with future events/occurrences, to accept what is going to happen, see it as a 'cool happening' and that is all, just a 'cool happening'. And when that event/occurrence eventually comes around, embrace the 'cool happening'. Enjoy the 'cool happening' just like any other day, every other day is a 'cool happening' - because we choose what our days entail and whether it's a cool day or not, we always have that choice.

Let's make sure every day we have here is a cool day and a cool happening. And let's see every day equally. No days 'better' than others. Yes of course, each and every day can contain drastically different happenings, work, free time, appointments - but it's all about who we are as the starting point to things these days contain. It's not easy, but we must learn to embrace all that comes our way, in every day.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become blinded by excitement energy and expectations of a future event/occurrence to the point of 'ignoring' and SABOTAGING the days that lead up to this event/occurrence, as I've allowed my main/strict focus to be on this future event/occurrence that I put SO MUCH energy into/towards to the absolute detriment of myself here.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that a future event/occurrence can alter me so much to the point of being a completely different person - which is utter nonsense when I see the situation/the event/occurrence itself from a realistic/physical point of view/perspective.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to take every day as it comes and to see every single day as a cool happening within my life that I can and should enjoy to the fullest amount, no matter what it is that I'm doing/what task that I must do to survive here.

When and as I see myself desiring to get 'caught up' in a future event/occurrence via my mind and so energies/expectations, I stop and breathe. I realise that ANY subtle movement of energy in regards to the future event/occurrence is the sign that I am NOT fully here within and as every single day of my being. So, I commit myself to STOP when and as I feel any subtle energetic movements towards and regarding expectations of the future event/occurrence by closing my fists/touching my hands and my arms and my physical body so that I realise that all I am is this physical body that I'm always in at any given time, I am nothing more, I am not these energies/expectations that may/may not happen in the future, I as all others are a physical body, nothing more, nothing less.

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