Saturday, 2 January 2016

Day 538 - Too concerned with the process

A lot of the time I see how I'm overly concerned with the process, and so by doing so, I miss out on the enjoyment. Examples I have are a recent one actually, I literally spent hours trying to find a particular type of video player that would allow me to do certain things - certain things so that I could watch video files in a particular way/make them fully watch-able. And within this search for this video player, I was very frustrated, because of a few things.

1: It was taking a REALLY long time.
2: I just wanted to watch these damn videos! Not spend hours trying to find the correct settings and such.

In the end, after searching for so long without answer, I stopped and basically reverted BACK to the original video player that I was using - that being..the video player that didn't work 'perfectly'. So it was somewhat of a sacrifice, but for the most part, this video player did the trick at least. And this video player was convenient for me, convenient enough. I see that I have to make minor sacrifices of what I want to watch, but nothing of concern/nothing that I'll miss that is going to affect my life to any type of great extent.

So it's the seemingly 'little' things that can become MOUNTAINS within our minds. Obsession. Which brings on frustration. Which brings on regret. Which brings on the realisation that I have wasted my time doing this searching, when I could have done minor searching, then just looked at my options and taken/used the best option that I could find within an appropriate use of time.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to obsess over the process of doing things, as opposed to the living of things.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that sacrifices have to be made in life a lot of the time, yet, it's about finding the best way to make those sacrifices..and/or the way to make the least sacrifices.

When and as I see myself obsessing over the process of doing something/how to do something, rather than actually just DOING IT within LIVING IT and ENJOYING IT, I stop and breathe. I realise that time is of the essence. I realise that time is short, as is life. I realise that what time I have here is valuable as life. I commit myself to DO IT and LIVE IT and ENJOY IT by pushing through the thoughts within my mind as obsession so as to be able to live/enjoy each and every second I have.

I commit myself to give myself appropriate lengths of time of the things that I do, so as to not OVERDO things and put way too much time into certain things within trying to 'perfect' things within and as obsession within my mind.
I commit myself not to be a slave to obsession.
I commit myself to prioritise the practical, as opposed to the method.

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