Sunday, 3 January 2016

Day 539 - To suit roles

I was checking out this article about people who have altered themselves in some way, shape or form to be in a particular role in a movie/tv show.
These alterations/transformations are not all drastic. Some are alterations such as growing a beard, shaving a beard..wearing 'fat suits'...piercing - things like that. For me the most troubling alterations that people do for roles is to put on weight.

I mean, putting on weight, no matter how much (and it's usually a lot) just for a movie role is quite absurd when considering that one is totally ignoring one's physical body/the health of that physical body. Chowing down on ice cream, chocolate, sweets/candy - whatever it is to put on all this weight so as to portray a character. Obviously it's all motivated by money.

And obviously it is damaging one's physical body. But the knowledge of this is either unknown by people performing these alterations, or it's not seen as anything of concern. Could be "Hey, cool, I get to eat all of this unhealthy food for a few weeks, no problem! And then I can simply work it all off with exercise afterwards." But all of this unhealthy food in large quantities over a short period of time WILL affect the body. Yes, one can work it off, but the damage was already done..

On the other end of the spectrum, is the people that get fit for a role. Putting on muscle, losing weight. They'd all push themselves, beyond a necessary limit for a physical body. So one way or another, the physical body is not seen as a priority at all basically. And that's not cool, the physical body is our vessel. It is us. It's not just a toy, something that can be played with. And money cannot fix permanent physical body damage, no.

So obviously a whole new starting point is necessary. And a caring for ourselves, a caring for life. NOT a disregard for ourselves/life/eachother.

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