Saturday, 23 January 2016

Day 546 - Every moment is an opportunity to be an example

I'm seeing lately that each and every single moment counts when it comes to being an example. Every little movement, every scenario is an opportunity for us to be an example for others. What/how we do, what/how we act at all times shows not only who we are, but gives another an example of how one can act in a situation, in every situation, by themselves or with others, or with anything.

And even if nobody is in one's vicinity, that is no excuse to drop one's guard and NOT be an example. Because, it's necessary to be a CONSTANT example, to oneself and all. So, an example 24/7 - which is easier said than done, but it's what we all must work towards.

Driving today is where this 'being an example in every moment' occurred to me. Taking it very slowly, caring for every road user, caring for all. Slowly changing lanes. Driving no faster than the suggested limit. Thanking other road users for giving way to me. All these tiny things, and these are just when driving. Every single action we take is important, it shows us and shows others us, and of course as an example, we can be that change for another, that is a MASSIVE thing.

And obviously we may, and most of the time, we may never KNOW if we 'influenced' another to change as the example that we are - but that's not what it's about, it's not about seeing what we've done, it's simply about showing ourselves and others that this is the best way to act in any given moment, leading by example, leading as change.

So, DO NOT underestimate your power to be an example.
For myself, I can say that I've learnt A LOT of things from others as them being something that I admire. A quality that I like in them. Yes, maybe they weren't aware of themselves as an example, but nonetheless I have taken/used those qualities that I see in others, within myself, to make myself a better person and a better example as life.

Every single thing we do MUST be that which is best for all. No matter who/what or if anyone/anything at all is in company.
Let's all be and work towards being 24/7 examples for ourselves and all!

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