Saturday, 6 February 2016

Day 547 - Living 'independence'

My actions define me, of course. Who I am defines me. Who I am as life. What I am as life. What I stand for. SO, me as human, me as life. That is who/what I am. These external matters are nothing. I DO need them to survive, but that is all. I CAN use them to enjoy life moreso/get more out of it, but again..these things are NOT me, they don't define me. It always comes back to me and who/what I am as life.

Then, where does independence come into play? Does it even?
Independence definition - freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

See. If I define myself by this definition, then I'm fucked either/every way. CONTROL? I am, as we all, are currently controlled by the system. It's whether we know/realise/accept this or choose NOT to. SO already in this sense/definition, independence is NEVER gained/not currently attainable.

SO, how can I redefine independence to a word that is best for all, that is equal to and as life here?
For me, it's to be an example. So, if I live independence/independency/independent, then I am NOT allowing the powers that be to control me, I'm NOT allowing the system to define me, I AM standing up for change as life/as the system. THAT is how I am/will live independence from now on. Obviously, I am in the system either way for now, but I am making that choice/decision/step to not be in that mould of control as others blindly accept.

So, as my new definition of independence, we all require others/eachother to be independent. Independent from the control. Independent as examples for one another. That is the best way to live independence. To go against the flow. To do something that matters, to do something different. TO be an example of change for one another.
Otherwise, no, we are not independent, we are in fact dependent on the system, on our government, on brainwashing, on the bullshit that exists here.

I commit myself to live independence/independent/independency by being an example of life, an example of change, an example of standing up to the system, an example of something more, something true/real/what is best for all.
I commit myself to do this by continuing my process, by continuing my self-change, by making others aware through all interactions/communications.

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