Saturday, 5 March 2016

Day 550 - No dependencies, no withdrawal symptoms

The problem is we create dependencies on everything/everyone. We always look to something/someone - whether it's for enjoyment/help etc. Not saying here that it's not a healthy thing to have enjoyment/get help with assistance/with others, no, but when it's constant and the mindset is of only THIS/THAT can make me feel better/a certain way..then that is not healthy. Because we can't guarantee that these dependencies can stay with us.

That can be anything. People come and go out of our lives for whatever reason. Maybe certain brands of food or vitamins that we depend on - a specific brand that we attach to, and now that for whatever reason that brand has stopped selling this product..we may have to change brands and get that version of product. Being strict with dependencies is unhealthy.

If you've got your health, you're alive - then hey, that's the best thing we can have in life..even being able to be here in existence. Having my own body is all I need, really. Am I dependent on my body then? Well, yes. I'm fortunate to have a body that functions well. A lot of other people have bodies that do not function well and/or not to 100% working functionality. Broken bones, pains, sicknesses. But even then, we are obviously still here on Earth and have a means of BEING here at all - so that is something we can't take for granted.

I depend on my body and my life. And that is why I don't get withdrawal symptoms. Because I will always have this while I am alive. As I said, it can get weaker, it can change - but it will still be here if it is! And that is the greatest gift I could ask for/depend on - my body, my life and my health to be here typing this and to move physically and to help others and to do all the things I can do in this physical body. Other things and people can of course assist me/add to enjoyment, but that is all - it's to not go over that line and into the realms of dependent on those people/those things, because they may not be here tomorrow.

Lesson here that I've learnt of course is to purely depend on myself and appreciate/accept myself/my life/my body and be so grateful that I am here and have a chance to alter the lives of many for the best/for the future of mankind/animal kind - all kindness.

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