Friday, 18 March 2016

Day 554 - 'chore' redefinition

noun: chore; plural noun: chores

a routine task, especially a household one.
"her illness made even daily chores like shopping difficult"

a tedious but necessary task.
"he sees interviews as a chore"

I, like most others have always had a hatred towards chores. For me, as per the definition above, mostly to do with household tasks/requirements - such as washing dishes, washing clothes, taking out the rubbish, cooking etc. In my life I Had always seen these things as tedious/boring/irritating and in the end NOT FUN.

I've come a long way in this regard. These things that I once hated/found boring/not fun, I now like doing these things. It is a physical movement, which is ALWAYS a cool thing. So anything, washing clothes/dishes, taking out rubbish - they give me an opportunity to move my body and do something effective. Something effective that is necessary to do. I need to wash my clothes, I need to wash the dishes. Otherwise I allow mould to exist for instance and/or I create an unhygienic environment for myself and others - that is unacceptable.

So actually, I see it as cool to change that wording I used above from NEED to WANT. Because I don't necessarily NEED to do those things, for me, the NEED implies CHORE. So, I WANT to do these things, for the same reasons though, to be hygienic for myself/others, to create a clean environment etc. I want to wash my clothes, I want to wash dishes, I want to take out the rubbish.

So, 'chore' could also be applied to work. Because for most work is seen as boring, not fun, a waste of time. Work = survival here though - and I have learnt from others that work does not have to be boring/not fun/a waste of time - and that it can be fun/enjoyable. It is another physical movement type of experience, which is cool of course. It's an opportunity to assist others, to learn for oneself, there are many cool things that can happen from/as work.

So currently a 'chore' is a routine task and a tedious but necessary task. I'd like to redefine 'chore' as an opportunity for physical movement to the benefit of oneself and others.

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