Saturday, 9 April 2016

Day 558 - What's the point of eye contact?

In my life I've always had quite a lot of resistance to eye contact. I would do a BIT of eye contact with another, then look away lol, look at something other than another's eyes. That is like a cop out, an easy way out I see. I find it pretty fascinating, eye contact in general. Performing eye contact with another certainly brings a much stronger connection and ability to converse/direct from how I see it/how eye contact works/happens.

Blinking is a natural response too.
Anyway, back to eye contact - a huge deal of eye contact or lack thereof is associated with confidence or lack of confidence. And I can see that in myself. I have been a shy person as my mind for most of my life, and that obviously does not conform to how eye contact works.
If I am a stable being, then there should be no issue with eye contact, with prolonged eye contact - there shouldn't be a need to 'look away' or look elsewhere to 'feel' more comfortable and/or to feel better.

So I see that I can build/share/learn more through EYE CONTACT. So this is something I am going to work on a lot and see what results come out of it. If I gain more/learn more...more insights for instance from another, build a connection more, I think I will, because eye contact is very powerful. Looking into another person, as they look into me. I think that it really brings people closer and create a lot of stability within both people.

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