Thursday, 5 May 2016

Day 560 - Punishing people

I was considering whether it is acceptable to 'punish' people. Lol that word is a quite harsh word in itself. Basically I was considering whether it is acceptable to punish people IF they do not welcome/accept my way of doing things and/or the steps that I desire to take/see as best for myself. A punishment such as "Okay, now that you've failed to accept/see my way of doing things for MYSELF, I will apply a 1 month penalty of not seeing you." Lol. I mean, is this punishment/penalty type of activity necessary or even helpful?

Will it 'make' this person understand? I see now that it's a scare tactic, isn't it? Punishing/penalising. It's like I give them an ultimatum "Don't mention this/try to stop me from doing this..OTHERWISE YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!" I don't see it as necessary. And there's certainly no guarantee that it'll work and the person won't ever bring said subject up again and/or try to change me.

So I see it as best to just let it go. I must be stable and politely say for instance that I am not interested in whatever it is/I don't see it as necessary for myself personally. I see here there is certainly an aspect of the other in "Well I've been on this planet longer/I am older and more wise/I've been there and done that/I know what is best." I see that in others who have this behaviour. Am I reacting to to this behaviour? No. I just see it as false, because it is lol.

Recently I realised that another phrase I say because I do not agree with another/don't see what they say as necessary - "I don't care." - Lol this phrase isn't a great one. I see that it implies that I have not/will not even consider what the other person is saying. Although personally, that wasn't the case when I said it, at least not lately. Mine was more like "I've heard this before, I don't want to hear it." So I see "I am not interested/I don't see this as necessary/beneficial for me." As the best things to say. Or one or the other etc.

I may have to repeat it a few times, but you know, it'll work eventually, I know it.

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