Saturday, 14 May 2016

Day 562 - The washing machine

So there is these washing machines in my house that are quite new. I’ve never used them before. Reasons were they were very small. They were too complicated to use. And I preferred washing in bulk, as a bigger washing machine. Which is why I’ve either washed my clothes etc at a Laundromat or at another’s house/using their washing machine.

Anyway, it wasn’t working so well for me. For starters I had to pay to use the Laundromat as expected, but it was more expensive than I thought it was. Also, it required a certain payment which was somewhat of a hassle. I’d have to keep going to the bank to get the correct coins. And I could have kept using the washing machine at another’s house, but that was also ‘out of the way’ I thought. I also tried washing my clothes etc in the shower lol, which did not work out so well. It was difficult to get rid of excess water.

So I finally tried one of the 2 new washing machines. And it was SIMPLE. I was afraid that it was ‘too confusing.’ It’s one of those fancy looking ones. Like touch screen/panel etc. But I put in my clothes etc, put in the washing liquid and had a GOOD/PROPER look at the panels. I literally had to press ONE button to get it going. I pushed ONE button and it automatically set the temperature, some other settings and also told me how long it’d take. 14 minutes.

And..DONE. How surprising. I haven’t tried the other one yet which did look a bit more complicated, but hey, it’s interesting how things apparently ‘look’ complicated, but then when we do them/at least ATTEMPT to do them, we realise/make sense of it. In the moment/as the physical, we kind of put 2 and 2 together and come up with the solution. That is what I’ve found heaps in my life. Like the mind makes a big deal out of something which when physically altered/when one physically moves is actually so easy/simple to do.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not do/use something because from an initial look as the MIND and so as ‘complex’ I didn’t want to try using something because I basically concluded that I could NOT operate it, even though I had known my other housemates could operate it.
I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to at least attempt/try something, because I see, realise and understand that as the physical/in the moment, things actually begin to make sense. Why? Because there’s at that point nothing ‘stopping’ me from going through with something. I realise here it’s also related to ‘force.’ Because here I knew that the other options were far from ideal and this was thus my best option/preferred option, so I sort of forced myself to do this. Force isn’t always a good thing, definitely not, but here I was thankful for it. It was a degree of force that made me FINALLY decide and attempt/try to use this washing machine.

And as I mentioned, in the moment it was the most basic thing I have ever used lol. More basic than the most basic toaster.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to immediately see things as complicated/complex based on the amount of buttons, controls and technology.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that generally the newer the technology, the easier something will be to use/do.

I commit myself not to fear using technology and/or things with lots of buttons/controls.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to associate ‘a lot’ of something/things with complex and complicated.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire simple/basic things/use of things in my life.

When and as I see myself not wanting to attempt/try something because it is seemingly complex/complicated/involves too much technology, I stop and breathe. I realise that if I DON’T try something in the moment and give it a go in the moment/as the physical, then I’ll basically see it ‘in the distance’ and so as something that is just too difficult to use/do. It’s not until I get up close and personal and actually do something in the moment/as the method, that I can really gets hand on and really try to figure out how to do something.

So I commit myself to allow myself to get involved with things so that I can actually KNOW whether I genuinely can’t/don’t know how to do something OR if I can’t do something based on the mind/my associations with complexity/complications and buttons, panels, technology and them all being ‘too confusing.’

I commit myself to embrace past and presents technologies, because that way I learn how to do both things/in both worlds so to speak and obviously that can assist me for future things that I do/see/come into contact with in my life – so either way, whatever is ahead of me, I can use it to grow as a human and as necessary information for self and others.

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