Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 567 - Learning from anger

Anger is a huge problem in our world and for ourselves as life. Anger should not be a part of life in fact. It shouldn’t factor into the purest definition of life, the definition of life that is best for all. Anger separates life through conflict, through violence and through death. It is so far from life. It is a hindrance to us becoming real life, the best life for ourselves and others.

Anger usually happens in moments. It’s not usually a long-winded thing. Which one might say is a ‘good’ thing, but those short bursts/moments of anger can be so overwhelming, not only for the person possessed by anger, but the others involved too, that the consequences are still massive.

It is so so SO necessary for each of us to stop and breathe through the emotion of anger energy coming up inside of us. Because once we allow that anger emotion energy to take hold of us, that’s it. The anger energy directs us and we cannot SEE clearly as beings here after that happens. And so we act upon anger and in turn do things that 9 times out of 10, we regret. We regret these moments of anger, because we can see that it is DEFINITELY not something we’d do if we were CLEAR, if we were STABLE and of course if we stopped and BREATHED through the moment of feeling this anger energy inside of us.

Anger is something I’ve personally dealt with a lot in my life. I’ve had many many fits of anger/possession in my life. I’ve broken things, used hurtful verbal language and lashed out within physical violence. I do regret these things, but I don’t hold that regret against myself as a type of leash on my neck that is holding me down/holding me in one place. Instead, I turn that regret into something that I can learn from, and I have. Why else am I writing this and stating the facts? Because I know why I acted like I did in anger possession.

I investigated anger. I investigated energy. I investigated possessions. The mind, emotions, feelings. Thoughts. And not only that, I investigated specific moments and memories of these anger-fuelled altercations/events. And I gained the most amazing insights from WRITING. Something simple as writing. Writing and breathing. Breathing and writing.

Then, RELEASING through self-forgiveness and commitment statements.

I can safely say that I’ve learnt from my past/these past personalities/possessions. I still have a long road to walk in my process, but the main thing is that I’ve learnt. And the more I learn, the easier it’ll be for me to STOP in these moments of energy and breathe through them and bring myself back here to my physical body where I can see that I must stand as life and enjoy with other life as what is best for all, effectively.

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