Thursday, 2 June 2016

Day 568 - A story of desire, popularity, attraction

I wanted to share a story that I now find hilarious. Lol it was basically when I was trying to prove that attractive girls liked me etc ha. Through online means this is.
But it's a great example of the mind at play, more specifically attraction, sex, popularity.

It was back in Myspace days, and here I actually always tried to fetch online..popularity, even if this popularity didn't transfer/result in popularity physically/in person. So, I would basically SHOP for comments, for comments specifically that others could read lol. This is very funny writing this now/looking back on it.

One specific moment: I was good friends I suppose with someone I Had met online. We had spoken etc for maybe 3 years. We got on well. We were Myspace friends. SO, there was this particular girl at my school that I fancied. I found her attractive etc. We were newly Myspace friends. I just added her because I knew her from school, even though probably had only said 1 word to her in person ha.

I can't remember why exactly, but there was this song I wanted to know the name of/who sang it. It may have been a song she had on her Myspace profile. Because in those days (maybe now too) one could put a song onto their profile that would play when anyone else visited their profile. I think that was it, because she had since changed her song to another one. Now that I think about it, I did actually know the name/artist of this song, because otherwise I wouldn't have done this.

BUT, I acted like I didn't know the artist/name of the song. So I commented on this person's profile asking "What was the name/artist of the song you had previously?" Or something along those lines. And I knew what she would comment back lol. The name of the song was something 'baby' - can't remember the artist name. BUT here, lol, I had this girl that I fancied..I had a comment from her with the words 'baby' - lol and within my mind I made this some huge thing, like it's some indication that she likes me back or something. So funny now.

But on viewing my profile, it didn't look like a comment of a song title/artist, it just said 'baby' and something else. BECAUSE I KNEW that my online friend was going to see my profile and so this comment, AND SO I wanted to prove to this friend that "YEAHHHHHH, look at me/this comment, from an attractive girl woo! That's right, I'm mr popular and mr good with the ladies!" Lol. Something like that. LOL and then I actually, that's right, I made her/wanted her to read it, maybe I wasn't 100% sure she was going to read it, so I made out that I could not access my profile, maybe because of internet issues, and wanted my friend to tell me if I had any new comments LOL.

And I knew that my new comment was from this person I fancied saying 'baby..' etc. And that is where that story ends.
Lol. I just wanted to say that as an example of me as the mind and how FAR I went to prove something which obviously was bullshit from start to finish aha.

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