Sunday, 5 June 2016

Day 570 - What is consistency?

Consistency is basically being self-honest about the things that I can be doing in my life. If I am self-honest in all that I do, then the consistency should simply follow. Self-honest in having the time to write for instance, self-honest in having the time to study, self-honest in having the time to visit people, self-honest in having the time/being able to do whatever it is that I am able to do.

For me, I am not as consistent as I can be. Which means I am not as self-honest as I can be. Which shows that in this regard, there are times where I am not self-honest, and I instead allow my mind to direct me into doing something else, something that is easier perhaps.

Of course, self-honesty is the major fundamental of walking with Desteni, it is absolutely key. Though it is a process, a long one. I am still walking it and so walking self-honesty within being able to live self-honesty in its purest form. And that means it's the same for consistency. It is a process. But obviously, I choose the pace at which I move in my process and so I choose the pace of living self-honesty and so consistency.

I'll tell you what, it is EXCELLENT to know that it is ALL and ONLY in MY hands - what I do as self-change. In the end, I must make the decisions and choices. Nobody can make them for me. I have the power, the ability - I have access to the necessary tools. There are no excuses that exist for not changing.

If anything is prolonged, it is my doing. It always comes back to self. And so there is no blame/pointing of fingers of another.
It is actually empowering to know and realise this power of change is within me and present with me currently, and always will be as I am here and alive.

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