Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Day 572 - Taking control

Everytime I drive, I always take note and am aware of almost EVERY driver rushing. I can tell by the way they are driving, how fast their car is going at all opportunities, always at the max, if not above the speed limit. That is how fast we want to go. Or how fast we feel like we have to go. Deadlines, responsibilities – these all correlate in the speed we drive. And they also correlate in the danger that is created.

Car accident/road accidents are so common. It would be a strange day if a car accident of some kind did not happen. And of course injuries, death. Destruction..chaos.

We can each take self-responsibility for most of these. Like if we have to be somewhere at a certain time, then ALLOW time for the trip/to reach the destination. You know, take into account the traffic, get somewhere before the time, even 10 minutes before, better early than late. I know we can improve these things in terms of deadlines by doing things like changing jobs/things within jobs to make them for instance more lenient in terms of deadlines and not for instance worrying whether we will make the deadline and so be able to keep our jobs.

I’m driving very much as an example of patience, of slow-ness and of responsibility. Driving over the limit, no way. Clearly taking the time to drive for safety. Safety absolutely should be the starting point of driving and NOT meeting deadlines/times etc. But it’s easy to see that safety is not the starting point of driving for most.

Let’s change and create a society where safety and consideration of ourselves and others is the starting point. Not only of driving, but all that we do. We shouldn’t have to risk injuring/killing ourselves/others. We should be driving calmly, slowly. Not slowly in terms of going as slow as possible, but performing actions slowly, like turning, changing gears, steering, braking, accelerating – these things. All these movements should be slowed down as safety, consideration and caring for one another.

Let’s all drive pleasantly!

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