Thursday, 9 June 2016

Day 573 - Life is all there is

Life is the only thing that matters in the end. I’ve seen this with myself, this behaviour of attachment and clinging into a myriad of things. Possessions like electronic devices..certain bands, tv shows....sports. One knows when this attachment is too much/has gone too far when we see these things as the basis/forefront of our lives. When it is a living for this attachment.

But obviously without LIFE in the first place, we’d not exist to be able to have access to these things.

What we must do is change things around. Yes, we can have access to these things that can bring joy to life, that can make us laugh etc, but to have them take a priority OVER life is silly when you look at it, is it not?

Life absolutely should be the priority, both the life of ourselves and the life of all life. And only when that is seen and used as priority, only THEN should we even contemplate other things we can get out of life within and as enjoyment or adding or learning.

Obviously life is FAR from priority now. It’s barely a priority for most. People would rather cling onto whatever it is they hold so near and dear in their lives and have that in their lives until death, rather than be grateful for the very life they have now.

It is more than unfair to ignore a life based on specimen, based on geographic location, based on race, based on gender.

That is WHY the tools of Desteni exist. So that we can get back to life, life as the starting point, as our essence of being. Life comes first no matter what you think. Life is priority no matter what you think. Thus it’s for each one to REALISE this. We are all capable of realising the importance of life as ourselves and the life of others.

But you must take the initiative to write here. Check out the information and tools that Desteni provides. There are so many that will help you, for free. On the forums, on the courses online, wherever. These are people that know how hard it is to get back to life and be life. And they all want to help others get to the same point. Because we should all have the right to exist as life and realise how vital life is.

Investigate Desteni and SEEK help from the forums, or anywhere and you will receive awesome assistance GUARANTEED in relation to the tools that Desteni provides and any other questions you may have.

There’s never harm in trying, but there IS harm in neglecting something out of fear, out of opinion.

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