Thursday, 16 June 2016

Day 575 - What is my goal in this life?

Before discovering Desteni, my goal in this life would have been to be successful with money. So, to have a solid career, earning the big bucks. And then the standard goal of finding ‘the one’ – the perfect partner, having the perfect children – a nice house. All that jazz ha. I don’t think many stray from these goals. Usually they’re the same for most people. And I don’t see any reason for these goals to be any different, because it’s simply what is seen as the best goals to get to, we hear it from our own parents, and a lot in the media, we see it in movies and such – the perfect family and relationships.

The problem with these goals is that it obviously does not take into account ALL life, they don’t take into account the corruption that exists on Earth and they don’t take into account the destruction that we are doing currently.

The brutal reality is that we and future life will NOT exist if we do not wake up and face the reality of the utter fucked up situation we are all in.

I was like you previously in that I saw that something like this, something like changing people or changing the world was IMPOSSIBLE. How can I? 1 human do anything? Especially as I don’t have the ahem, ‘power’ – I don’t have lots of money, I don’t have the popularity to force change or to make change. I don’t have these things.

But what I do now have are the tools to change MYSELF. It always comes back to self and in actuality starts with self. I have seen time and time again how BEING an EXAMPLE is the most POWERFUL sense of change that can happen for another. No matter how big or small the example, a simple act of kindness can go a long way to showing someone real and valued potential that a life on Earth can have/obtain.

Someone has to change the world and lives of one another. It’s so easy and tempting to just let another do it because they have money and power and popularity. But each one’s voice here is vital, simple as that. The more voices, the more actions, the better.

Can you imagine a group of people that stand for life and change in this world – real and practical change/ways of change? People that actually want to change and change others? You should care about future life. If we don’t, nobody does.

We’re already going downhill as life. It’s only going to get worse if we don’t act AS SOON AS POSSIBLE/NOW. I for one would like to see a change in this world/ourselves as life, a change that benefits all. A change that I can stand by and be proud of. A change for the future. And as I mentioned earlier, it starts with YOURSELF. It starts with MYSELF. Be an example. Show the way, show others the light. The light of change.

My goal is to be an example in this world. To influence and assist others for the best. Show them the best path to take and be on. Show them that a difference CAN be made, however small. Be a part of the solution. Stand for the real and the practical. Don’t go through life in regret of what you KNOW you can be and what you know you can stand for as life.

It’s now or NEVER.

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