Saturday, 25 June 2016

Day 581 - Overhearing conflict, what to do?

Yesterday I wrote how I feared engaging in conflict by basically disagreeing with another on something. So in turn, I was almost always being kind and accepting and also not willing to share my own perspective if it differed from another's - all these out of a fear of creating and engaging into conflict.

A few weeks ago I overheard 2 people that I live with in a verbal argument. It was a quite short one. But I could tell they were both angry and there was some swearing happening. It didn't get physical which was somewhat of a relief. I didn't see this mind you, but it was easy to hear.
At the time I was unsure what to do. I did feel a bit scared and fearful. I mean, I myself was safe, I did not cause or were involved in this argument, but it was just the fact that conflict was happening and being around it, the thought that well, anything could happen, really, so in that way/that is where the fear originated. Being close to the conflict/argument.

And I didn't know what to do. Should I wait silently in my room until this thing blows over, or should I step outside and go to the situation and try to diffuse it? I think it depends on a few factors, like if alcohol/drugs are involved..
Perhaps what are the chances that the conflict could turn onto me for trying to diffuse the situation and so verbal/physical attacks get targeted onto me.

It's interesting. Here I realise IF it did get physical and a fight ensued, I'd not think twice lol, I'd want to go out and break it up, because to me that is a worst case scenario, but even if I am to do this, sure, I could still get caught/targeted as physical attacks. So yes, I do see it as best to try and diffuse it, but see how it goes in the moment. If I can see my reasoning/diffusing is NOT working as planned and anger is perhaps being targeted at me in the moment, then try other means, calling police or something, because I don't want the situation getting out of hand at all, definitely not.

So yes, this helped me to realise things. It's best to at least attempt to diffuse the conflict. And if my attempts fail, then I go for other means.

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