Monday, 11 July 2016

Day 586 - I've got the power!

It’s extremely reassuring to know that every single reaction, every single thought, every single emotion, every single feeling, every single judgment, every single fear – I genuinely have the power to stop it from happening. The power belongs to me. The power is in me. And of course we each have this power for ourselves in stopping these things from continuing to come up within us and direct us. This is such a gratifying thing.

Self is all there is. Self is the only one that is responsible for what happens within self. Nobody or nothing else is responsible for what happens within self. And so obviously the power does not lie within anything else, it purely lies within ourselves.

When/if we believe the power belongs in another/something else, then we do things such as trying to change another/something else, because we believe that is the only way for us to ‘feel better.’ But we cannot change another/anything else. We can try only.

This ‘power’ that I speak of is the ability to release these things from affecting/directing us. This ‘power’ is utilised through writing, through learning about Desteni process, through listening to the interviews, through watching the videos/information provided – all these effective tools for truly utilising and harnessing the power within ourselves, that we simply did not know existed/was even within ourselves to begin with.

So for those who don’t know/are unaware still, investigate Desteni so that you too can see, realise and understand that the power to change is squarely and only within you. It does not belong in another, it is not due or bound to another – it is NOT ever about another, we make it about another because either we know no better, we don’t want to accept responsibility or we don’t want to change.

Realising that there is only self and only self holds the power is  literally bringing it back to self for the benefit of self and so the benefit of others.

Stand as an example of your own power that IS within you and always HAS been within you. But, do find it, and then do utilise it.

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