Sunday, 17 July 2016

Day 587 - How do I move forward in life?

So obviously within process and as I realise more, I want to expand myself and do more. It’s like, the more I realise about myself, it exposes me to new opportunities and things that I’d like to do, and then there’s this realisation within me of what I’m actually capable of as the physical body, and not as the mind.

The really cool thing and thing that I love about Desteni and the group, is that we all assist one another and others. There’s always a task that has to be done, like transcribing interviews that then assist another in translating them, which then reach a wider audience, which is great obviously, there’s hangouts which one can join or host to raise/speak of a point that one has overcome for instance, then of course there is the general caring support on the forums and things for whoever requires it.

It’s cool, because one is actually able to participate, instead of simply following, you know? And something I realise is that generally, well, before, in my past self, I would have preferred to follow. Then I feel like I get to avoid any ‘work’ that the higher ups ‘have’ to do. But now that I’ve changed, I WANT to help, I want to ‘work’ – I want to do what I can. Why? Because I know this process is necessary, I know this information is necessary, I know this is the solution – there is no other.

So why the Hell would I not want to help spread this solution? And so it’s not work to spread this solution, it’s a desire to help another. If I don’t spread it, yes, others will, but I must take self-responsibility to spread it myself, the more spreading, the better, simple as that. It’s not cool to sacrifice self-responsibility and in turn just leave it to another. The more voices, the more blogs etc, the better. And same with the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff such as transcribing/translating. It all contributes to something, a solution, the solution I should say.

There are 2 parts to life that I see. There is this side, the solution and all it can entail. This is my priority, no question – then there is the other part, the part that requires me to survive/live in the system/as the system. This is more of a survival part. They are both vital, one can’t exist without the other, the way I see it. I need to survive, and I need to spread the solution. Surviving is simply not enough, nor is spreading the solution – I can’t spread the solution if I for instance have no laptop or means of online interactivity. These parts go hand in hand, for now.

I commit myself to continue learning, growing, expanding, realising – and within this, continue working towards what has to be done, that goes for the surviving as well as the solution, these are the keys currently.


  1. Hi Anthony, I am following Desteni , quite a while , was in I Process - fol out after a couple of months( lost my job) , then I have changed to I Lite (for free)- and finished once , than fol out of route totally( a couple of times)-joined again, and I am here now and want to help !What do you need to be done , where I can help?

    1. Hi, Dragan. Thanks for reaching out. Actually all is okay. Here in my blog entry, just clarifying some things for myself through writing. Thanks though.