Monday, 8 August 2016

Day 593 - Introvert/extrovert programs

I’ve had reactions to these words. I’ve generally been a quiet person, especially in the past, well, most of my life I was very shy. I judged myself heavily, I was in constant fear. I was an introvert as the definition of this word, being shy and occupied with my thoughts/what happens within me only. Although I was also believing that others were judging me etc about basically everything, only after studying Desteni material did I realise that was all MY doing.

I can safely say that I am much more confident now. I enjoy talking to people, meeting people, learning, teaching, conversing. Am I still shy? No, I don’t see myself as shy at all, but I see that others can still see me as this. Why, because I’m not one of those perhaps extroverts that are always speaking, seem to always have a group around them laughing, listening, having fun. So I see myself as much more stable than I was. As I said, I like talking, meeting, learning etc, but I actually prefer to do it in a I suppose, quiet scene. Whether it is 1 on 1 to maximise concentration, or maybe a small group, or even a large group, just without the background noise – this could be music, others speaking. So here I’m talking about parties, clubs, pubs. These are loud environments. So I do like a quiet setting because I believe this maximises communication.

What I wanted to understand myself too, was are there introverts and extroverts. I mean, as the MIND there definitely is. What about after we stop the thoughts, the beliefs, the judgments. I am curious as to what happens here when an extrovert as the mind starts Desteni process. Do they ‘remain’ the same, or do they become more..silent, for lack of a better word. OR, do they remain loud, do they remain very..yes, loud lol. I do not know.

But in my own experience...what I think, is that yes they would become more silent, more controlled, and prefer a type of quiet setting as I do. That is what I think/see. Because I think a lot of people who are extroverted, well besides the programming, it’s heavily reliant on energy, though this is same for those who are shy, quiet etc. And once one removes this energy, they become stable, here, so there’s no NEED to be very loud, the centre of attention also, perhaps.

So here I see, if we all walk process, we become stable. We are no longer introverted or extroverted. These are PROGRAMS.

More to come.

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