Monday, 15 August 2016

Day 595 - My life has been a lie

It’s quite frightening in a way, to learn and realise that EVERYTHING just about, that I’ve done in my life, the relationships I’ve formed, the reasons for doing things, the starting point to doing things – everything has been directed by my mind, whether it’s a thought, a fear, a belief, a judgment.

So when one walks process, writing, DIP Lite etc, it’s mind-blowing lol. Literally. To realise that one has been living a massive lie of sorts, well, that is where the ‘frightening’ part comes into play. And I’m not talking here frightening within an emotion, it’s more like “Holy shit, this is insane! This is crazy, the realisations I’ve come to.” – so this realisation that my whole life, I’ve been directed, not by myself as my physical body/being, fascinating, too.

Of course, I’m so thankful to the Desteni material. The message, the people, the examples, the advice. Thankful that I have an opportunity in my life to change, to realise.

People don’t like accepting that all that they’ve done has not been directed by something real, as their physical bodies. I know that, that’s what I felt. Absolutely I wanted all that I’ve done, every decision I’ve made in my life, to be the right one. But there is a time where the lies, the self-dishonesty has to be realised and accepted. This does NOT make you a bad person, or wrong – it’s just the acceptance that well, this was who I am, this is who we all are. The first step is absolutely admitting and taking self-responsibility. Once this happens, the change can then occur.

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