Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Day 603 - Doubting the power of writing/self-forgiveness

There has been one particular huge point for myself that I’ve had a difficult time overcoming/making large amounts of progress with to release this point. I’m talking a few years here. So within this few years, I’ve been writing it out/writing self-forgiveness, which has helped quite a bit, but not to the point of releasing the point fully/even near fully.

In the last year I’ve written about it here and there, but it has not assisted really. Only recently have I, on advice from another, simply been writing more, and here I’ve been writing about this point more, as in, A LOT, like quite a lot per day/week, different fragments within the huge point. And no, not only self-forgiveness, also just writing it out, writing out the thoughts, the patterns, which is still a massive help I realise.

So what I’ve realised is if I were consistent, thorough, deep with my writings – this point would not have been so huge for me at this point in time. Already in the last month I’ve written a lot about it and have seen massive and genuine progress to release myself from this point.

So another thing I’ve realised is that it was never about writing itself/self-forgiveness  itself as the ‘issue’ – but simply about MYSELF and how I was using it, or in this case NOT using it, so me not using it to potential/as I could have been was the only factor in me not making giant strides forward to overcome this point/release it.

And it is simple. Writing is so simple. Self-forgiveness is simple. And it’s all so effective. So my advice to anyone in the same boat as me, is to just write the fuck out of a point. Write all day if that’s what it takes. Write as many entries/topics/titles per day as possible. And it does not matter if it’s not self-forgiveness specifically, because any writing will help, guaranteed, but remember, as I have realised, to be consistent/thorough/deep all the time. ALWAYS.

Because this is when results and actual progress of change will be seen. Never give up. The tools are with you, so simply change your starting point of using the tools so that the effect is maximised ten-fold. Enjoy!

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