Thursday, 10 November 2016

Day 612 - Equality is the ONLY option

On the walk back from a soccer match to the car, I saw a homeless person sleeping to the side of the footpath.

You know, from the self-investigation/change I’m undertaking, it’s so absolutely unfathomable that I have allowed this to happen/exist. A world/society like this, where being homeless is an option. Seeing it for myself only fuels the realisation, no, the necessity for change. And it is my goal in life, no question. To change myself. Be an example of change. Help others change themselves. There is NO stopping until all are equal. There is NO stopping until all can live an enjoyable life.

I mean, everything else can get fucked. Sport, entertainment, music – this is all bullshit when seen next to the destruction/chaos of everyday life. It’s in many, many forms. That is why there can only be one goal. The goal of change and within that, self-investigation, self-change, example and thus creating ripples in the world, in the system, in the lives of others.

If we don’t STAND for life, then our lives are meaningless. Sorry, that is the bold truth of the matter. Fact is, we’re each capable of self-change and thus the change of others. We either take this onboard/act upon it, or choose NOT TO and continue the ignorance. Why not do something that assists ALL? Why not give up the ‘pleasantries’ in the form of entertainment, music, sport etc?

Why not contribute to something massive? Why not help your fellow human? Why not be proud of who you are in this world? Why not give up your current life for something that is real and genuine?

It can be tempting to continue within the ignorance and programmed lives/patterns we have and are, but it’s nothing, it’s not reaching our potential, it’s not even considering our potential, it’s just..ignorance, it’s self-interest. It’s fake.

And it doesn’t matter how old you are, your gender, your origin, your background, your status in society, your job, your lack of job, your income, the vehicle you do or do not drive – so therefore there is NO excuse to justify you continuing this same life of not doing something for the benefit of all.

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