Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Day 616 - Redoing something

I was doing something and was doing it as I saw was necessary, but then the boss stated that this wasn’t ‘as’ correct/right as it could have been. Even now I see how it was practically the same method either way with only minor differences, really. Though the boss’ word reigns supreme, so I ended up redoing it. Though at the time/upon almost finishing this task, then getting the word about this being possibly ‘wrong’ – I was in a disbelief lol, but I accepted the word from the boss and redid it.

So here I see that well everyone has a different perspective on things. It can be a perfectionist-type of perspective/view for example, which is what I saw here, mine was more of a general/but still accurate method – again, all in all, these methods were the same with only minor differences if any. But of course I accepted because that was the position I was in at the time.

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