Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Day 621 - Support for sake of support?

Someone that I would be considered ‘close with’ started a group/page. Usually, that meaning, as someone as the mind/directed by, I’d support because I want to see those close to me do well + I also feel obliged to support them because they are again, considered ‘close with’ me.

Now I see no reason to do this. Of course in reality there is no obligation to do anything, nothing for the sake of 2 people being close or whatever. It really should ONLY come down to myself here. So simply whether I like this group/page/see it as what is best for all. That should be my ONLY criteria.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realise and understand that my ONLY criteria for doing ANYTHING should be if I see it as best for all/something I like/something that can help others etc, thus without IGNORING or bypassing this for SAKE of supporting another because of labels and within these labels, apparent ‘closeness’ and within this feeling obliged to support because of these ‘closeness’ labels within my mind.

I commit myself to be my OWN person, my own vessel, my own body, my own. Because this is all I am in reality. Everything I do can be seen by others and thus they will act accordingly, same goes for me, so it’s simply about my starting point of doing ANYTHING, and NOT EVER because of WHO or WHY.

I commit myself to remove these ‘closeness’ labels as the mind as ‘obligation’ I believe I must partake in for sake of ‘closeness’ labels as the mind and obligation.

I commit myself to act to every single thing on an individual level so that I am simply here with it/something and then act accordingly as what is best for all/that I like etc.

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