Saturday, 10 December 2016

Day 622 - Subtle energetic moments

Energy can be so subtle within us. I’ve spoken to people about self-forgiveness, about the mind, about the physical. Energy here is basically linked with the mind and what can direct us to participate within emotions, feelings, thoughts, fears etc. In other words, any energy is not a healthy thing for our physical bodies in any way, shape or form, plus it is not needed in any way, shape or form.

So, I’ve spoken to people who have basically said that they are fine, they are already not directed by any energy whatsoever. I beg to differ. From walking process/understanding this myself, energy can be SO SUBTLE, that it takes many writings, and a LOT of awareness to even realise this energy is coming up within us and directing us. So what this means is ANY SINGLE DIFFERENT ROUTE one takes in any given second, in any given moment that is ‘off course’ so to speak of what we were doing in that moment, that is a red flag situation and the evidence of energy coming up within one.

This can be in what we say/don’t say, how we move/don’t move, what action we take/don’t take etc. So I can safely say that if one proclaims that they are not at all directed by energy, they are incorrect, because we all are. And in these subtle energy-directed moments, it can change a whole lot about us and thus who we are in relation to others/life.

This is why it’s so necessary to walk process, walk back to life, walk back to our physical forms as we were when we were born, before we were programmed to be this and that, to fear this and that, to think this and that, to feel this and that. Until we have walked this process and can safely say we’re back as our physical beings, then as I said, any energetic movement/direction within us can fuck us around and make us say/do things that will compromise ourselves/others, and that cannot be if we want a world/society/a people that is best for all in every way, shape and form – simply.

So realise that what we are now is NOT how we were born/meant to be. When we were born we were fearless. We took risks. We challenged ourselves. We grew. We evolved. We learnt by trial and error. We weren’t afraid. This is what we must get back to. And only through a process of return to the physical, can we do this.

And yes this is done through self-forgiveness, through consistency, through precision, through a fuck load of tough times, too, because again as I have witnessed, there are a lot of difficult times that one must rise up to and conquer in this process. It’s not easy. It shouldn’t be easy. Because if it were easy, then there’d be an issue. There are layers amongst layers amongst layers of patterns, of programming, of brainwashing within us all, so yes obviously it takes a long time, dedication, consistency to break these and bring ourselves BACK. Do yourself and the people/life around you a favour. Be example.

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