Friday, 16 December 2016

Day 623 - Another

Person A wants me to come along with them so I can meet Person B. Person A and B are very close to one another. Person B really wants to meet me. Person A does not mind so much, but would like me to meet Person B.

Then there is me lol. I have no interest at all in meeting Person B. Not to say that I dislike them or anything like that, there’s just no interest. Person B merely wants to meet me because Person A knows me basically, and wants to also know me, that is Person B’s reason. I couldn’t care less who Person A knows and then want to meet them based simply on this fact.

For me, it’s more like, well sure..if Person B and I are to come across one another by coincidence, then cool lol. Right now it seems more of a requirement to meet Person B, where I’d much rather it flow, be natural in the sense that it happens after time/when for example Person A and I get to know eachother more. So I see/well, believe that this is all happening too fast, really. Where I’d much rather it slow down, take its time, form naturally (if it does) etc. So just giving it time before all these what I call ‘extras’ take place.

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