Sunday, 25 December 2016

Day 624 - Investigating something

So today I asked one about something. They reacted as if it were odd/unusual, even threatening that I ask about this. Why, because it is rare to investigate things, to ask questions. So doing so can be taken ‘personally’ – when in reality I simply wanted to know something, and know about something. Seems pretty basic, right?

So through this, it just adds to the point that most are happy, or just know to never ask, never question, and to accept blindly what we are told, what we are showed, everywhere and everywhen.

Obviously, this is why we MUST change. We MUST question, we must INVESTIGATE, we must LEARN. And we must be WILLING to accept that things that we’ve learnt/known of in our lives MAY not be the truth, may not be helpful, may not be what is best for all. And this is the most difficult part for people, to know one has lived a lie, or if not, a lot of lies, but this is fine. It’s okay that it has taken you 20 years, 50 years, 90 years to come to this conclusion. It does not make your life a waste, no, it makes your life worth it for actually questioning and taking the plunge into the unknown, it shows a fuck load of character to be willing to look elsewhere, to look at a source that is not common amongst people, that is not as of yet popular, that some would say is very left-field, very odd, and of course it is classified as this, because ANYTHING NOT  in line with the same shit we’re fed in life is going to labelled as ODD, as FUCKED, as WEIRD, as DANGEROUS, because we don’t WANT to believe that we’ve been lied to, that we’ve not been living as what is best for all, and of course the people behind the scenes feeding us this shit don’t want us to wake up to the truth of life, of the way we’ve lived.

It is surely apparent/clear to you that we’ve been lied to by the media. It doesn’t matter if only ONCE. Do a tiny bit of investigation and you will find this. Even the slightest hint of lie, of manipulation, of control – should be the awaking within you to NOT trust what is being said/showed to you. If it is happening once, then it is happening elsewhere and/or everywhere, you just gotta read between the lines.

Stand by your investigations. Don’t let anyone/anything deter you, is what I say. People will tell you not to investigate, that it is fake, that what you’ve been told/shown is the truth and nothing but, but and lol...when you breathe in, breathe out...many times, and then realise where you are, where WE are as humanity, LAUGH, because this is hilarious, what we’ve become, what we are and have been – killing eachother, stealing, abusing, the lot. What type of life form is born here to do any of this? We are born to fuck eachother up in some way, shape or form? No, we’ve simply been pitted against eachother/life to feed into the pockets of some.

Stop the abuse.

For your sake and the sake of others, investigate DESTENI. Be willing. Stop the lies within you. Because believe me, this shit makes SENSE. I am yet to run into anything Desteni related that does NOT make sense. But again, you must investigate thoroughly. Don’t read a paragraph and then stop. Read a whole article for example, listen to a whole interview. You don’t have to do any of this all in 1 sitting, but I mean when coming to a CONLCUSION, read/watch/listen to everything first, if over days/weeks etc. Don’t point fingers/come to conclusions before you have concluded something yourself and can be honest about this/concluding something yourself. Thanks.

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