Sunday, 25 December 2016

Day 625 - Acknowledgement is NOT enough

So obviously..Christmas............

I’ve seen all the footage (and in person too) of people opening their presents, the joy on their faces etc.

We are ‘lucky’ in that we are able to give and receive presents, and bring apparent joy to one another. Okay – we all KNOW poverty exists. We all know we are extremely lucky and fortunate to be in the positions we are in. But what I’m getting at is this is NOT and NEVER enough. It is NEVER enough to simply acknowledge this and acknowledge the state of the world. We all know it exists – what most of us try to do, and do well I might add, is ignore the FUCKED UP state of the world/others. We do this so we can live our joyous lives. Yes, why not do this? If we are to look at what is actually happening, thus BEYOND acknowledgement, then this joy, I can guarantee you, will be SHORT lived and eventually NON-EXISTENT.

Why non-existent? Because to feel joy, these feelings/emotions...whilst YOU KNOW that others are in excruciating pain. Unable to move..unable to find anything to eat, to drink. No home. No fucking anything. This would never bring a sane person joy. To know that your fellow human is in this position. They are us, and we are them, as equals – simple as that. Do the fucking math already. None are equal until ALL are equal. None can be until all can be. None are until all are.

It is such simple stuff, yet we believe we have no control, no power, no direction, no way. Desteni IS a way, an amazing way I might add. This is real, proper, legitimate CHANGE. Change of YOU. Change as EXAMPLE. Change that EACH OF US require. We need this awakening. This process changes us, what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to become, to exist as, to do to others, to ourselves, to fellow life.

What you must realise is that this process is fucking long, fucking difficult, but fucking effective at the same time. There is no easy/fast solution to rewiring ourselves to be that which is best for all. We must undo what we have been and are. Again, each must do this, and 1 + 1 + 1 – each making a presence of this, with blogs/vlogs, sharing, and example. We can do this, but it requires each of us. Self-forgiveness actually works. I know this. Check out DIP Lite (link at bottom).

At DIP Lite you will be introduced to change, slowly, but efficiently. It’s free. It’s amazingly informative, and it’s practical to perform and practice..and do...self-forgiveness and the writings. If it does not work for you, DIP Lite, self-forgiveness, writings, then I can boldly say that you are still living in fear. Fear of using these tools, fear of giving up your current life/lifestyle of what you believe is just, what you believe is the best way to live.

Truth is, sometimes we have to give up things to grow, to evolve, and this is exactly what I’ve done and am doing and I couldn’t be more happy about this. This is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, because it is not only assisting me, but ALL. I am no longer wasting my life and being here simply to survive until death and allow others to do the same until the world no longer can sustain our abuse. I am 1 amongst many around the world that is going to change this and already IS changing this. All the projects within Desteni, all the information, all the assistance, the guidance, it’s right underneath your hands! Right infront of your face. All you gotta do is look, type, do, and you will discover real solutions for ALL.

Enjoy. Thanks.

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