Monday, 16 January 2017

Day 632 - Very nice

Today I got told that I 'sound' very nice and/are very nice. No issue with this. Though I sarcastically replied with "Should I not be as nice?"

I find it funny though that it's considered something of an abnormality to be nice lol. I mean, there seems to be a difference between nice and NICE to some. I see that my own 'being nice' is one of self-honesty. One of being genuine. And this is the reason it is noticed and picked up on.

A lot of the time I notice this forceful 'being nice' persona from others. Can just tell that it's staged and not genuine. It doesn't come naturally. A lot of what we do though is forced, for example to make others apparently happy/feel good, or same for ourselves.

So for me personally, it's awesome that I can just basically flow as one as this 'niceness'. It's not like "Okay, time to put my nice face on." It is just BEING nice as who I am, which is very cool. And it is noticeable, trust me. It literally just happens in the moment. Nice happens in a moment, because what else is there to be? How else is there to treat another? Exactly, no way else.


1 comment:

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