Monday, 23 January 2017

Day 634 - Face resting on hand/arm

We’ve all done this, we put our elbow on a flat surface and bend our elbow/arm/hand up to our face and use it as a leaning post of sorts lol.

I know I’ve done this a lot throughout my life. I have used it mainly I see, as a point of boredom. This is my bored stance. I have come a long way from this point of boredom where I no longer for example feel the need to do things to ‘avoid’ boredom. Thus it’s about enjoying all that I do as each movement and breath, which can be anything and everything I do which is effective.

Anyway, I see I do this still. And I was wondering if now I do if as boredom, or another reason. I see that yes I STILL do it as boredom, lol, which is contradictory to what I just said earlier. Okay, so I for example to do often at work I’ve seen, where I am in a stationary position at my desk/computer and am waiting for calls. I do some browsing of things here and there/inbetween waiting, but the rest of the time I am just sitting and waiting.

And this is so. When I am stationary and not doing anything, I do still participate within this boredom. So for example I’d rather be, if I can, be doing something physical, using my hands, my body. Watching things is okay, tv shows etc, but generally I like to DO stuff lol. Which I see is where a phone comes in ‘handy’.

So here I ask myself, can I enjoy being still, stationary, and doing NOTHING? I see that I CAN. So instead of always finding something to do, just enjoy being..waiting. Enjoying my own company, my surrounds, being here, being stable, doing what I have to/want to..or both.

I will test this out and report back.

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