Thursday, 26 January 2017

Day 636 - Being comfortable, no matter the clothing

What I have noticed is that, well, on Fridays at work, we do not have to dress ‘smart-casual’ – thus don’t have to wear shirts, nice pants, nice shoes etc. On Fridays we can dress casually. Although not TOO casual, like ripped jeans. Anyway, on these days I generally feel much more comfortable, I mean, definitely because of what I am wearing. It is the material itself. Shirt-material, at least the ones I own are all generally not ‘soft’. But that is how shirts work, because they maintain a form. Whereas a t-shirt/jumper are more ‘flexible’ in terms of their material/form.

So within me I see some ‘restraint’ when wearing these ‘not so’ flexible shirts. And I believe I can’t ‘do’ as much as I want to, or to sum up, ‘be’ who it is I want to be. This makes me laugh though now that I say this, like shirts are holding me back? No.

I see that I must just EMBRACE these shirts, this material, this form. Yes it’s different, but really, I’m just not used to it. Generally, and for most of my life I have NOT worn shirts/this material/this form, I’ve worn soft material, flexible material, you know? If I had grown up wearing shirts often, I guarantee my tune would be different lol, and I’d be fine wearing shirts and feel ‘comfortable’ in them.

I commit myself to embrace whatever material I am in, no matter if it’s hard, soft, rubber-y, silky etc, because it does not define me or restrain me at all, it is simply that I am NOT accustomed to it as much as other materials, thus it ‘feels’ different, but that is ALL. Within this I see, realise and understand that the only ACTUAL restraint can only exist in a form where for example a shirt is too SMALL for me and/or too big so it’s not comfortable, alas these are physical-based things as a product/material, but other than that, if it fits, then I must embrace it and that is all, I continue from there as my self-expression as who I am within me, not as what I am wearing or not wearing as clothing etc.

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