Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Day 644 - What is my relationship to money?

For most of my life I have not had a high income or a stable income. Moreso low income if anything. Now that I’ve had a steady flow of income, not the highest amount/a necessarily high amount, but an amount that allows me to ‘do’ much more, it’s made me want to look into this point/question. Thing is, I have been spending money, in a way, quite..in an uncaring type of manner. I wouldn’t necessarily say going crazy where it’s out of control spending, but spending large amounts or frequently just because I know I have the money and I’ll still have left over money if necessary.

Thing is, there are in fact things I’d like to save money for. Such as a new car. Potentially a house or moving into a more expensive house/room. And even if NOT, if I don’t really have anything to save money for, does not give me the ‘right’ to spend here, there and everywhere. I mean, yes it’s up to me how I spend, but even if not the house/car...there are causes I want to give to, groups that I know are making a difference to/for life/myself.

I want my money to go to these, things that matter/will make a change. And now that I’m writing, holidays to places around the world, travelling, exploring, learning. General activities. There is a lot that I can spend money on to better myself and/or learn about life/myself and enjoy with others. As opposed to spending for activities/things that yes are also enjoyable, but failing to take into considering these OTHER things that I could be saving up for/spending money on that I see are a much better use of my money.

We all have to be very wise with how we use money. Check out starting points, our reasons, before spending money towards anything.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not investigate my relationship towards money and how/what I spend it on.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have money and then spend it here, there and everywhere because I have money, using that as an excuse to spend money without considering what else I can spend money on/what I can save this money for.

When and as I see myself not caring about money, I stop and breathe. I realise that money is life and so that in itself must be taken extremely seriously, looked after, cared for, respected, otherwise I am committing sins against life and abusing life through my careless spending, when I could be and should be spending money on appropriate things as learning, as enjoyment within reason etc. I commit myself to look at my money in my wallet/hold it physically and/or look at the money listed in digital form and USE it wisely though breath, through seeing if what I’m about to use it for is really necessary/something that is best for all life and something that is suitable/appropriate for use.

I commit myself to be equal with my money as it is equal with me in that we look after eachother and care/respect eachother and use wisely/appropriately as what is best for all life.

I commit myself not to allow energy as thoughts/emotions/feelings/judgments direct me in spending LIFE pointlessly/as abuse, because that will set me back as LIFE and restrict me as LIFE as opposed to pushing me forward as spending wisely so that I can continue growing as spending this LIFE wisely.

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