Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Day 650 - Why is drama so ‘engaging’?

There is drama in reality tv, in general tv shows, in movies, in the news. And we are ADDICTED to this drama. Even if the drama is more ‘negative’ – such as a robbery, death,’s still engaging in a way. So I see that it’s the unexpected, but not only that..also the excitement, something to escape our daily lives that we’ve come to see as too similar..boring.......the same thing, repetitive. This drama gets our attention, makes us happy..excited...surprised.......these things, and then we long for it because it makes us ‘feel something’ – makes us feel ‘alive’.

And I can bring this back to myself in terms of when I first started investigating the Desteni material/walking process, I feared that if me/EVERYONE stood as the principles of equality and oneness, then I feared that life would be BORING, because of thoughts such as “Where is the fun? Where is the joy? Where is the DANGER? Where is the EXCITEMENT? Where is the DRAMA? Won’t it be shit if we’re all getting along, respecting, caring, loving eachother and life? Does the mind not keep things interesting as fear, as anger, as sadness, as happiness, as death..killing.........drama...happenings, whether negative or positive?”

This only goes to show my addiction and reliance on drama. And the boredom I’ve actually been living because of not even remotely beginning to understand my true potential. The potential I can be/reach to become whatever it is I want to be, to do this and that, try new things, and basically not allow my mind to stop me from experiencing what I  would like to experience, but are too fearful because of self-judgements and such.

I am completely wrong here. A world full of each standing as equality and oneness would lol. Amazing I’m sure. Though imaginations and imagining it now is pointless. Best to focus on the now and actually GETTING THERE PRACTICALLY. That is the MASSIVE STEP infront of us right now. That is why I commit myself to this journey, for life. For all.

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