Sunday, 12 March 2017

Day 653 - Living here

When we're born, surely we all expect to be ABLE to enjoy life, earth and what life and earth and life on earth has to offer each of us. Why is it then that a simple matter of geographic location automatically shows us the life we'll have? How can we fucking allow this to remotely exist at all, when our fellow HUMAN - exact same as us is not only suffering, but DYING - in conditions that are just...fucking terrible?

I know, we look out of our windows to see beautiful forestry, clear blue skies, nice landscapes, roads, all pristine and well-maintained. What we all require is to put ourselves in these poor countries. Put ourselves in war-torn countries - Both, so we can least to SOME extent. Then when we look out our windows...or makeshift window being a damn hole in the wall, we see the complete opposite of our lovely pristine landscapes back home - instead we see rubble, we see dust, chaos, destruction, we hear planes overheard, bullets, destruction. Not to mention the lack of strength to be able to move or function effectively at all.

Now, I have not been in this position - but Desteni process has more than awoken me to life on earth, ALL of earth, not just the LUCKY ones in my country. I could go to these countries I speak of, myself, but with Desteni process I don't necessarily have to. Sure, I still can and it'd be a huge learning experience, but a huge PERSPECTIVE change through SELF-FORGIVENESS has informed me enough of the abuse in earth/that others are in due to lol - being 'unlucky' - pathetic.

Change your own perspective and see that THIS is truly the only valid way of actual BEST FOR ALL transformation that WILL benefit ALL LIFE.


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