Friday, 17 March 2017

Day 656 - Moving on and up in the world

It always start with me, or to you, with you..and to us, ourselves lol. As I get further and further into process through writing and application, I can definitely say it is so very apparent that it all starts with ourselves. If I am stable within myself, easy. I’ll be fine. I just know it. With every single thing that I do. So obviously it’s so amazingly cool here then that OURSELVES is the ONLY thing we’re in control of, 100% utter control, and so as long as we APPLY, we’ll be absolutely FANTASTICALLY FINE. YAY!

And slowly but surely as process, I’m getting to that point of utter stability. It’s so easy to see, realise and understand the progress. You FEEL IT within yourself. As I have done. I feel it. And it shows in my interactions with others. It shows in how I present myself. It shows in how I stand, in what I do, in how I say things. It’s so damn cool not to be directed by ANYTHING that will definitely set me off in an unhealthy direction/way.

This process is absolutely LIFE CHANGING. For the best, absolutely. This is what you and I need. This is what people on the other side of the world need. And of course what all and each in the world need. It’s so cool to have the answers, to live the answers.

Every Destonian is LIVING PROOF of the possibilities, the possibilities MANIFESTED. Very cool if you ask me. And it shows in all that we do. For example, I’ve had plenty of people notice this and are intrigued/interested/agree with how I do things/what I say/how I say it etc. And you know, these little moments, yes being SEEMINGLY little more like it, they are as I’ve said..being picked up on, and who knows what happens from there within that individual, it could very well be the spark that leads them to becoming a Destonian too. I hope so. And if not, then the constant sparks, like a lighter that sometimes takes a few goes/turns and sparks to get the flame roaring. That is how I see it. All it takes is a single SPARK to start something amazing and awesome in the world and within another. And it’s but the simple equation of 1 + 1 + 1 that will change the world.

It is AWESOME. This change is happening and it won’t be denied. The plethora of examples in all forms is staggering and it will ONLY grow more and MORE. And the internet is a place that is endless. So no need to worry about lack of space!

I’m so thankful for everyone that walks with me and that I walk with  on this journey. There is no other journey like this. This is THE journey, the one that is the star amongst the rough, the diamond amongst the rough – the one that shines brightly in an otherwise dull world.

Thank you to you all, Destonians, I am FOREVER grateful for what you have done and continue to do. Let’s continue this shit! :D

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