Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Day 660 - The ‘outer’ of energy

I see, realise and understand that it’s fine, in fact, it’s vital, it happens, to be on the ‘outer’ of energy, the outer of energy participation, which is a vital cog in the wheel of society and how everyday interactions as the mind. It is simply how we’ve learnt to converse, communicate, interact, socialise – as ENERGY. Whether it’s emotions, feelings, thoughts, judgments, abuse, it’s all the same stuff, and it’s all of the mind, none of it is what would happen as the physical body, as all we in fact are and all we in fact were as birth, the mind is of programs and patterns as growing up, as parents, as adults, basically, as exposure of the mind of all other beings from birth to well lol, the point of REALISATION of this.

For me, I’m still working on this point, whereas I am aware of this, sure, but at times I feel ‘down’ about ‘not being able’ to interact, socialise, communicate as ‘effectively’ if I WERE to be UNDER this ENERGY influence/direction/participation. Now, this IS true. I know it. If I were to be totally directed by energy, then I would absolutely force myself to interact and such, but I of course know this isn’t the way to do it, this is NOT what is best for all. Force is never what is best for all. What is best for all is in fact speaking as the physical. To not be judgmental, abusive, sad, happy, angry, annoyed, frustrated, ecstatic, and so on.

Though within this I mean absolutely, of course I can still interact and such lol, it’s not like my voice has been ripped out of my body lol. All it means in reality is that I yes, AM changing the way I voice, and my actions too, it’s all about the starting point, which does in fact change a whole lot about how I am, what I say/do, and as I’ve witnessed countless times, the abuse/judgments/emotions/feelings are evident, like, fucking VERY often in each. Lol it’s funny that in every sentence I can see, hear, know that one of these or a combination is occurring.

And what I’ve seen is that a lot of the time, it can be best to just stay silent and so not participate. If not that, then join in as a cool perspective, and ONLY join in as a possible extension of the interaction/communication if it is obviously not abusive/energy-directed in any way, shape or form. This is definitely a massive learning curve, because as I’ve said/realised within myself, energy can be so so subtle. Sure, I can usually notice it in others, but the harder part can be noticing it in myself. So, I breathe so that I can see clearly if I was under energy or not.

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