Monday, 3 April 2017

Day 663 - When ideas and solutions are not enough

I’m sure there have been plenty of great ideas/solutions so as to assist society, people, animals, the world as a whole, some getting the go-ahead so to speak to actually become practical/a thing, and others not getting the go-ahead, but they were probably all great ideas or at least partly great ideas. But from my process, what I’ve realised is that this will never be enough as long as we have not SOLVED ourselves. And to SOLVE ourselves is to walk a process of self-forgiveness/realisations/commitment statements so as to change our patterns/programming/directions as the mind, thoughts and so on.

Yes, it’d be fantastic if this step could be SKIPPED, but it CANNOT. Definitely no quick solution. The inner/self-solution is a long solution/process, but there exists no other way. What I love/know of self-forgiveness/realisations/commitment statements is that it leaves NO room for..corruption. If we self-honestly write, our statements are self-honest, we go DEEEEEEEEEP into them, into self-honesty, we do the practical shit, we breathe, it all culminates as SOLUTION, inner-solution, self-solution.

Purifying every pattern within us that allows abuse, that leads us astray, that hurts, that judges. ONLY THEN can we REALLY be trusted by OURSELVES, let alone others, to always do/be for one another, as equality and oneness, where not a single thing will persuade us to do ANYTHING dodgy, such as self-interest as taking a large sum of money for example, or abuse in some way, shape or form. Because a purified being will not do that, because they know better, they give as they’d like to be given, treat others like they’d like to be treated, because why not lol?

I see plenty of light here, because I see the growing numbers that are investigating Desteni and commencing their own process, and it’s very cool to see. The change is happening and people are becoming aware of this fantastic process that is what is best for all, no more, no less.

Purify yourself too!

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