Saturday, 8 April 2017

Day 664 - A reaction is a reaction

There are things happening in the world every second that I frown upon...that I find it difficult to contemplate the whys/the hows.../the reasoning as to performing these actions, and then I participate..still.....with anger, annoyance and such, but a reaction is a reaction and the principles as Equality and Oneness is to never react at all, not as emotion or feeling.

Thing is, taking it all the way back to the origin of self is to know of why an individual may do what they did, but it’s easy to know this, it’s programming as the mind that directs an individual. So it’s not about judging them, blaming them and so manifesting reaction as anger and such, because the origin point is in fact programming, so then how to handle it, break the programming through process, through self-forgiveness and such. Jail time/death penalty..torture, they won’t help – abuse is abuse, neglect is neglect, even if we apparently believe it’s for the right or appropriate reasons as a form of punishment, we’re inflicting the same shit onto another and that is NOT Equality and Oneness whatsoever.

We are each accountable for what perpetuates in the world and society, none of it assists in breaking free of programming, only continues it.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to take/accept everything that occurs in this world/society equally so as to not judge it as negative/positive as emotion/feeling, but to understand it, learn from it, know why it is happening, and basically then just continue my own process and continue doing what it is I do as the principles of Equality and Oneness as what is best for all as what is needed for world/society change in each and every individual on Earth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to get ‘caught up’ in an event and such and then the manifested emotions/feelings that ‘usually’ come from such an event happening as despair, sadness, anger, frustration, inability.

I commit myself not to allow these events and such to deter me from my own process, the process that I need, they we all need, that is best for all as the only principles that matter here/within us all as Equality and Oneness.

I commit myself to acknowledge/accept each event/anything that happens in this world, to me, to another, to this, to that, to see why it is happening (programming), to learn from it, and to continue my process through new knowledge/information that I can then use within my own process as what is best for all.

When and as I see an event on the news or somewhere or something happen to one and I desire to react as frowning manifestation and/or as sadness, anger, or even the opposite polarity of happiness, joy, I stop and breathe. I realise that any deterrent is just that..a deterrent...something that only I can allow to direct me OFF COURSE and so no longer on course as my process of Equality and Oneness and that in reality is assisting NONE, so there is literally no point to participate within anything that occurs in any way, shape or form and participate within and as the thoughts, emotions, feelings, reactions and such, because programming is the simple answer to all the shit that happens within each and everyone of us and so society as a whole and the world as a whole – a simple answer for a stunning amount of abuse/neglect/ well of course as happiness/joy.

I see, realise and understand thus that STABILITY is the only word to live and be as, as principles that matter/are needed – stability as living expression is to not go one way or the other as emotion/feeling, but to stay LEVEL, level headed, straight, on course and so I commit myself to continue utilising my breath, my breathing, my patience thus, to remain here, to remain stable, level, level headed, appropriate, here.

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