Thursday, 13 April 2017

Day 666 - Belonging here

All that EXISTS DOES belong here. When I say all that exists, this is from the perspective of humans, of animals, of computers, of internet, of furniture, of housing, of aid, of bedding and so on. So not speaking of the abuse, the hate, the violence, that is all just a symptom of the mind. But all is all is what we are as physical. Thus, none are bad, evil..none are good, great..positive – all are the same/equal and there is never an excuse to blame or to hate, nothing is solved by blame or hate, and all is solved by self-change, self-honesty, walking a process of getting back to the physical and all we ever it should be.

What I find funny and am realising, because with me..I’ve felt within this process that I do not belong. And one reason for that is because I see that I am ‘different’ from others in terms of how I live, what I do, what I want in life, what I want in others, in the world as what is best for all, and so because this is quite different from what the average human for example wants, I see it as ‘not fitting in’ – but each and society, the world is a reflection of the mind, so no, of course I don’t want to fit in WITH THAT, so if I see this same reasoning as not fitting in from this new perspective, then I do NOT want to fit least not with what currently exists – but generally, of course I Fit in, because I am here, as everything is.

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