Saturday, 15 April 2017

Day 667 - Too DIRECT with the Equality and Oneness message

So I have seen that this is not the way. Being upfront necessarily right off the bat is not the way. Being too direct is not the way. Talking in detail is not the way. I see how I’ve at times attempted to PUSH this DIRECT message/the words onto others by basically just showing that this is what I’m into, but in this, I’ve scared off people/made them resist. This has been a huge learning curve for me, like how to approach/speak of this/general things within LIMITS.

I’ve at times NOT had these limits and so people resist because there is no SUBTLETY. This is vital I see, subtlety in the message, and obviously within this I would say the best thing to do is to always be SUBTLE, and expand YES OR NO on how the other reacts, go from there, because each will hear the message differently. If they seem interested, share slowly, if they DON’T seem interested, STOP SHARING lol, if they seem very interested, still slowly I’d say. So either yes/slowly or no/NONE lol.

And my life doesn’t revolve around equality and oneness. It only does in who I am as a person/how I treat others/what I say. So it is not about these 2 words: Equality and Oneness – which people CAN and from what I’ve seen a lot do, RESIST. So it’s to simply LIVE these principles without speaking of them DIRECTLY which I see is a great way to do this/initiate things, relationships etc. And for example, once that bond has risen, THEN can slowly bring it up, here and there, then can perhaps mention these words and principles: EQUALITY AND ONENESS.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be TOO direct/upfront within the sharing of the messages/principles and using the terms EQUALITY AND ONENESS from the start which can be resisted often from the mind’s of humans, so I see, realise and understand that it is in fact best to NOT mention these words/terms/principles and more to just SHOW, as I do in LIVING these principles/terms/words of equality and oneness and then LATER ON sharing the terms/principles/words of equality and oneness slowly but surely as the message/principles and then from there going or not going based on how the individual reacts.

I commit myself to be slow, subtle with the mentioning of the principles equality and oneness and for example what it is I do, how I do it, who is involved etc, and to perhaps NOT EVEN go this far, because it again, depends on the person I’m speaking to of these and if they even show an interest, it could in fact be that I NEVER bring this up, I Must be AWARE of the individual, what they say/do/how they speak/what they speak...etc, and breathe to see how much, if anything I do say about these principles and things and what it is I do and why, about the group: Desteni and such.

I commit myself to always be SUBTLE in my explaining/sharing of Desteni, the message, the principles of Equality and Oneness: basically ALL associated with Desteni, because I must know what I am dealing with, the MIND, and so the likelihood of REJECTION and RESISTANCE is HIGH on the radar...and so I use subtlety, I use patience, calm, slow down, recognise what is happening in another to see what I do/do not share/how much I do/do not share etc.

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