Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Day 670 - My consumes and don’t consumes..

For a while I’ve been uh..I suppose been indecisive about this. Very indecisive. That’s a point I’ve worked on generally, to NOT be indecisive and to make clear cut decisions instead. When it comes to consumption though, I’m unsure....

Like, I know what does/does not work for my body. But then the thought that crosses my mind is “Okay, this is not compatible with my body..BUT, in THIS AMOUNT, it won’t hurt, right?” And that is..possibly true lol, yet, I’d rather not ‘risk’ it. These foods and such that I speak of, NOT MUCH of any of them do I require to feel the effects, so, and I did point this out to myself not long ago, even if I have a small amount of something and ‘feel no adverse effects’ – doesn’t mean it’s not damaging me somehow, even in the slightest bit.

Okay this is shedding light upon this for me now. I have been careless with this. For example, what I’ve noticed is fruits, at least the ones I’ve tried, the more sweet-kind, they affect me. They give me stomach aches and I can get dizzy. And I have been eating a such sweet fruit in SMALL-ISH amounts, but, and I’m sure it HAS been affecting me, even if minimally/almost..invisibly lol.

So I see simply that I can, well yes, keep it SIMPLE, if it works, it works, if not, it doesn’t. As opposed to some of this..a bit of that...none of that......some of this..and a bit more of this? Whereas lol, I’m more treating my body like an experiment – when in reality I know what does and does not work, and I’d rather just avoid it totally if it won’t work.

Something I did fear in relation to this is when going to another’s house and for example dinner is served lol. So, here, it’s to either advise beforehand to see if some arrangement can be made...that for example suits my body, or, to eat beforehand/bring my own food, and well, I’m just not accustomed to this yet ha. I haven’t even tried it, but I will be. I won’t sacrifice my body in order to eat whatever is served, ignoring the effects of it upon my body which impact negatively, just NO! I mean, I have seen that my body is quite sensitive. In fact, this could be a matter of simply getting a much better grip/handle on my physical body whereas I’m more in tune with it so am more aware. Lol, I Mean yes definitely in fact, I would have been consuming this and that and just ignoring the effects upon my body in the past, BECAUSE IT TASTES NICE. I would have sacrificed..gladly lol.

More to come.


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