Monday, 1 May 2017

Day 673 - Living consistency

With one fear in particular, I have been writing about consistency and how I can be more consistent in working my way past this fear. Thus far I can see that I’ve been up and down with it, where the ups are like the times where I breathe, I might say aloud self-forgiveness here and there (at various moments when the fear arises, but others not – inconsistency). But that is not nearly enough. I must train my body to not go into the fear. So it won’t help me from what I’ve seen and read/heard etc in others’ blogs.

Basically, if I keep going up and down, where I remain stable and then I go into the fear, then, that’s not training my body to REMAIN as the up, as the stability, it’s training my body to go up and down and that is exactly what I’ve seen in relation to this fear. I know it’s going to be difficult and it has been. There are reasons why I’ve been up and down in this cycle as opposed to being up as a stable individual consistently. As I said, I haven’t been consistently saying aloud or within myself, self-forgiveness in moments. Breathing and self-forgiveness in moments is vital. And I see no reason at all why, if I breathe and/or self-forgive in each and EVERY moment during this fear onsetting in any way, shape or form, that I won’t be able to overcome this point and train my body to not go into this fear and train my body to remain stable within this point and generally and within any other points.

It’s literally a win/win situation to be consistent with my breath and self-forgiveness. Not a single loss about it. So this means to be consistent no matter the location, no matter the company, whatever. Because obviously I won’t always be ‘alone’ so to speak or in an environment where I can sound aloud self-forgiveness based on compromise, distraction.

So I’ll be writing more about consistency and living it specifically in relation to this fear and report back on how I go with it. Already today I made great strides with this fear. At work etc, yes as I said, the fear comes up, that will keep happening, but I didn’t go into it and ACT UPON IT basically as allowing the fear to direct me. Though I can work a lot, again as consistency and training myself, to for example, when the fear comes up, it only remains for a second and then I bring myself back, whereas now it might ‘hang around’ for a few minutes. So I’ll work on this, on living consistency, using my breath alwayssssssssss, and using my self-forgiveness/self-realisations/self-commitment statements in moments of course as well as through writing, again, alwaysss lol.

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