Monday, 29 May 2017

Day 683 - The chain reaction

What I find fascinating is that we’re responsible in part, in another’s reaction. Yes, though at the core, we’re each responsible for everything that comes up within us, every thought and so on, but what I mean here is that another can inflict or create or add something into another in which that person then becomes possessed by, either through what another did/said etc, and also that can be a culmination of that incident and others and/or that incident + self’s own problems - there are lots of equations, but here is an example..

If I’m an inconsiderate driver. Or even if I’m a considerate driver/safe driver, but in an instance, only one, I cut someone off, that can obviously cause anger to come up within another in which they follow and yes they allow themselves to be directed by, but see what I mean in how every action we take can affect another in SOME WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. This is very important to REMEMBER ALWAYS. That is why I see it so vital to always be what is best for all, so that we can PREVENT, at least from our own doing, what may/may not happen within another.

So back to that example, so that person gets angry, pissed off, shouts at me, then they could get a headache, sweat, that can then affect their own driving which is also dangerous, then this chain reaction/cycle can occur. And then or within this anger/as it happened, they could receive a phone call and their tone will be angry and they could hang up the phone because of their anger. OKAY, so this is just possibilities in this ONE moment. What about later, when that person gets home, because this one incident, maybe nothing or small to us, can be really fucking annoying and piss another off for a long duration.

So they get home and remember this incident and are still inflicted by it. And it shows in their communications with the family/what they do when they cook etc. And this can stay in the memory forever unless of course it is removed through self-forgiveness/realisations/commitment statements. And at another point, because of the accumulation of this incident and others, or maybe not also other incidents, that person could then hurt someone or something somehow. Do you know what I’m saying though?

What we do shapes others, even if we don’t think so at the time or don’t think so because it does not affect us at all. I want to reiterate that yes we are each responsible for what comes up within us and how we participate and what we allow to direct us, that is self-responsibility and self-honesty, but we can still cause grief, pain, suffering, anguish etc onto others through apparent small or meaningless incidents. Remember this for the benefit of others!


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