Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Day 684 - Desteni hate

What does a Desteni hate article, website etc get out of doing so? From what I’ve read and seen in Desteni hate websites etc, the information is misleading, why, because it’s untrue, it’s false, it’s not fact, it is not backed up by evidence, by anything legitimate. So why create websites, articles in which obviously the writer has failed to investigate the material/facts, yet is writing based on from what I’ve seen at times, half-read information, or basically also forming an article based on some read information and then ideas within the writer - so these ideas, fear would be the one that stands out to me, a fear of Desteni.

People do the same though, myself included. Lol, I remember initially, even the fact that there were something like 5 Desteni hate websites to the 1 of course actual legit Desteni website, alarm bells were ringing for me and I was scared, fearful, even then I thought “Okay, this must be fake then (the Desteni legit website) and the Desteni hate material must be legit.” And I didn’t even go to these websites. But amazing how I form a conclusion or idea based on something like amounts that exist, whereas the stronger amount was the hate articles and the weaker amount was the actual Desteni website lol.

At later times, and within the same time period though, I’d check out more into these hate websites and articles and absolutely, I would fall for it. It was written well, so it must be true, right? Wrong. They seemed like they knew what they were talking about so it must be true? Nope. None of these reasons were legitimate. So what if something is well written, well structured, well formed? So what if they seemed like they knew what they were talking about, that comes down to trickery and proper wording again, structure etc - one that has written a lot before can convince easily, they can suck people in with HOW they write something, even if what is stated is far from the truth, that is what I fell for too.

I urge you all not to fall for these hate sites. They are many, but don’t let that fool you, they may be well written, but don’t let that fool you. It’s so easy to lie with words. People take on fake personalities etc online all the time. Like that Catfish tv show, where they can fool people for years, pretending they are one person, when in reality of course they are themselves lol. It’s so easy to lie, to manipulate, to mislead. I haven’t seen a SINGLE OUNCE of this within Desteni material. I’ve questioned a lot of things, and I’ve got more than appropriate answers and feedback - not only that, but extremely detailed, backed up by evidence, backed up with links, articles, materials. Yes, not EVERY SINGLE THING can be proven in an online capacity, but that is to be expected. What I know is that everything I’ve questioned has been answered and I’ve realised then. I made sense of it, because it made sense lol. And a lot of my questioning was also down to my own fears, doubts, concerns, worries, in which I failed to investigate myself.

Don’t be so quick to conclude. Be OPEN. Be willing. Be understanding. Be trying.


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