Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Day 685 - Equality and Oneness as me

Equality and Oneness as principles are me. They are not external, they are not something to the side, they are not something I follow - they must be something I LIVE. In my very essence, in all that I do, all that I say, all that I act and act upon - put simply, in ALL and EVERYTHING.

I see that the resistance to doing so in my utmost, is compromise. Equality and Oneness isn’t a standard, which obviously we all know, otherwise we’d be living completely differently and acting completely differently towards one another. Apart from my job, a career, a source of income, nothing else is a compromise. For example, here I see if individuals dislike this about me, then that is fine, but if it’s an individual, like a boss of mine at work or similar, then that is an issue. Though, what I’ve seen in the past relating to this same point is a fear of even showing a glimpse of Equality and Oneness as me.

The starting point can NEVER be fear. So I must investigate the point to remove the fear and then act logically/as necessary, whether that means divulging a great amount of detail as Equality and Oneness or little or however much the amount may be at the appropriate times. There are, as always in everything, many factors involved that we must consider to do what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see Equality and Oneness and the principles therefore that underlie Equality and Oneness as to ‘out there’ - as too ‘wild’ - as too ‘crazy’ - as too ‘different’.

I see, realise and understand that how I STAND as Equality and Oneness principles is vital in sending a message to another, vital to showing what and who I am and what is necessary for all, for the world - I see, realise and understand that fear as my starting point here limits my expression of necessity as myself, as what is best for all, as a proposal of change of not only myself, but another, because all it takes is a spark, a light bulb flicker to resonate in another for another to change themselves.

I do see, realise and understand that I’ve still been under this fear cloud/direction and starting point as to my expression as Equality and Oneness and I’ve been doing moreso as expression of this when I see I am ‘safer’ - in the sense of doing it strictly online and so not so much/at all within physical interactions because of the fear I have of sharing Equality and Oneness as myself and so unto another.

I see, realise and understand that it’s never to go full into Equality and Oneness as myself/as sharing to another at the start/when opening up the points - it’s about sharing some here and there and to gauge a response and understanding based on the reply/actions of another. So here I see that I am not then steering clear of Equality Oneness as principles as myself and as fear, but am sharing segments here and there and when appropriate, because each one’s mind works differently and so it must be taken on an individual level.

But I do see, realise and understand that my willingness and openness in sharing, in living, in speaking, in acting as Equality and Oneness principles can be greatly improved and it will be greatly improved through removing this fear of Equality and Oneness principles as fearing what one will think of them and how one will react and respond to these principles.

I commit myself to be open about Equality and Oneness principles in ALL formats of mine, that being online, in person, at work - with no limitation as FEAR directing me and me acting upon therefore.

I see, realise and understand that there is NO TIME TO LOSE in living the principles of Equality and Oneness as myself, as expression, as sharing, as openness, because it’s up to me, just as it is all of us, to make the light bulb flicker to resonate, and if I don’t do this, then I miss out on an opportunity, as does another, because each want and require this self-change as what is best for all whether they know it now or later, so it’s to plant a seed in one, this is vital and this is what I can do and this is what I will do as what is best for all.


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