Friday, 2 June 2017

Day 687 - Overcoming a challenge

Why does a challenge exist in the first place? It’s based on the happenings within our mind’s. Why else do we find something challenging? So just the thought of facing something can be a challenge according to us. This is when it’s important to investigate what points come up in relation to this thing we want to face to see why we find it a challenge. Because if we do not investigate these points in relation to something we want to face and that we find to be a challenge, then our chances of facing this thing are either none or very slim, and even if we do face this thing to an extent, the chances of failure are THAT much higher, PURELY down to the challenge towards the thing we are facing within our mind’s.

Yes, it’s so much easier to walk away instead of facing something, but shit, facing it, overcoming it, showing ourselves what we’re made of, what we’re capable of, what our potential is - is the most fulfilling thing EVER. It’s next level. It’s to use the key to unlock ourselves from within and then to unleash our potential for success.

I’ve surprised myself so many times within my process of what I’m ACTUALLY capable of. It’s astounding. And I’m still doing it. And the more times we break the resistance and minus the challenge, the easier it becomes, not only for that particular point, but for points to come where a challenge may exist. Once we prove to ourselves what we can accomplish, we make it THAT much easier to succeed and to push forward through EVERYTHING.


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