Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Day 691 - Time given

How much time should I give/dedicate to what? Like, do I dedicate one amount of time to something, and then another amount of time to another thing - do I dedicate the same amount of time to each thing equally?

I could dedicate all of my time to one particular thing, but is that really beneficial, whatever that thing is, no. A balance is definitely, always vital. And no it doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be exact amounts of time dedicated to each thing or activity. Because there are many dimensions to each activity/thing to do.

As always, it’s a point of self-honesty. Desteni process - that means writing, that means blogging, that means vlogging, that means DIP Pro assignments, that means Eqafe material, that means rating up other’s blogs/vlogs etc, that means sharing material on Facebook and others etc - there’s no reason for this not to be a daily activity. Not necessarily ALL of this everyday, but some, especially writing/blogging as per our self-change and sharing with others.

So I get home from work. Do I watch tv or write? The temptation and ‘want’ is to watch tv, but that want is shrouded within and as my mind as laziness, as excuse, as justification - things like that. Again, always, self-honesty. Maybe I DO require some rest in the form of lying down, and yes sure, some tv-watching whilst doing this can be fine, but it must be genuine. So here I breathe to slow myself down and see who or what is directing me in this moment, ME, or ME as MIND. Close in words..but much different in reality.


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