Friday, 23 June 2017

Day 697 - When help and assistance isn’t a priority

In my previous working role, I didn’t have as many limitations as I do in my current working role. In fact, I didn’t have any limitations really in my previous role. This role has quite a lot of limitations. The roles have a lot of similarities which is why I bring them both up.

What it basically that I use quite a few of the same systems as I did in my previous role. So I can see the same information, BUT, because of this particular role and what it entails, despite seeing this information that I know will assist another, I am refrained from saying it and so have to advise another to look elsewhere basically. I found this difficult at first. Because I mean, I want to help everyone the best I can and give the best answers etc. I’m beginning now to see that well yes, basically despite that information being available, it’s just the way that system works, so it shows everything no matter what.

In the broader picture of this though, it just goes to show how limiting and limited we are with ourselves and others. If this was a best for all system and that we had with each and every one, then we’d always take each opportunity to best assist ourselves and others at ALL times, but this system and things like job titles and groups and areas etc limit are potential to assist and support everyone to the best of our ability.

For me, of course I’ll do what is as the limitation, because that is what I’m required to do to efficiently do my job as per my title/the title of the role - I won’t compromise myself for the betterment of others - best for ALL includes myself. So this is ‘even’ as I can be as per the system. And until this system changes, limitation and the sacrifice of assistance and support will CONTINUE.


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